Our Pride and Joy

The pride and joy of Mortęgi is the stable offering all possible forms of horseback adventures and riding activities. Thanks to the indoor manège, both the first steps in riding as well as the honing of riding skills can be made all year round, regardless of the weather. The surrounding areas comprises a full array of forests and open spaces, perfect for organising horseback riding and carriage riding activities.

We have 9 horses for recreational riding, including two smaller ones for our younger Guests. All the activities are conducted under the watchful eye of professional and experienced instructors. There is a mini zoo next to the stable whose inhabitants will not only provide great joy to the youngest but also to every one of our Guests. It is a great pleasure to invite everyone wishing to get away from their daily duties, work, school or from the city hustle and bustle and welcome you to Mortęgi Palace Hotel and Spa for the perfect retreat.

Our offer of spending quality time in the company of horses is addressed to the youngest and to experienced riders, to entire families and their children, to groups of friends – to everyone that loves having a great time and wanting to draw some positive energy and, most of all, learn how to ride.

Our Offer

Horse riding for beginners
  • Horse riding in the field for advanced riders
  • Starting out horse riding under a horse riding instructor
  • Sports trainings in equestrian jumping and obstacle courses
  • Pony rides for the youngest
  • Carriage rides in the beautiful environs or at a specific location
  • Hippotherapy (therapeutic horse riding) conducted by certified therapeutic riding instructors skilled in working with children.
  • A pension stable for horses
Sleigh rides and horse rides through the snow
  • Fun and engaging team building activities and events for corporations and educational establishments
  • Barbeques and bonfire gatherings
  • Professional sports training camps and fitness boot camps
  • We also organise family picnics and fetes for children in the region
  • Our equestrian centre offer includes experienced horse riding instructors who can give tours and teach horseback riding during special events and holidays
  • Summer and winter saddleback camps


Michał Kowalski, MSc, Eng.

Graduate of the Faculty of Animal Bioengineering at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Animal husbandry technician specialising in horse breeding and horse riding.

He took his first steps in horse riding in his hometown in the Bogusławice Stallion Depot. “His passion was his life and his life was his passion” – is his motto which he has been cultivating for 16 years now. During his studies he did an internship at the world-renowned Zangerscheide (Belgium). An active instructor and show jumping competitor since 2004. In 2012, he won the Polish Amateur Show Jumping Championships. He has been associated with the stables in Mortęgi as an instructor and competitor since 2010.

Aleksandra Szynaka

He has the right to conduct hippotherapy classes, which he obtained after finishing the course of the Institute of Sports Education in Olsztyn. For years, actively involved in horse riding, which is her hobby, and working with horses and people is her passion.

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